Train in Vain


I’m annoying to road trip with. I crank the heat way too high. I pack a ton of food and throw the trash in the back seat. I need a bathroom stop every other hour because I drink too much caffeine. For my best friend though…either we’re too much alike or she’s just used to my shit after 23 years of knowing me. Regardless, she may be the only person I can spend hours in a car with and not want to kill each other by the end of it.

img_8944 img_8942

We were on a mission to see/shoot peak fall foliage, and I’ll post those shots later. I added my own pit stops to the trip. In particular, it was trains I was after.

img_8949 img_8946

The first was a shell of a former passenger train, sitting idly along the river. All that was left inside were folded up seats and a tiny bathroom that wasn’t worth a shot. My best friend stood outside, snapped pics of foliage, took in the mountain air, and ate a granola bar — completely unfazed by me clunking around inside a giant piece of rotting steel. A pretty good overall summary of our entire friendship.


The second train was much nicer.


This train was older, beautiful, still in salvageable condition (despite the smell), has incredible history tied to it, and should absolutely be preserved.


After the train, we stopped at a few more spots for photos. ‘Til then.


  1. Great images and lovely colour tones. :>)

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