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A lot of exploring comes down to knowing your limits, trusting your instinct, and not being stupid. Those three things led me to realize, looking at someone else’s shots of this old carriage house from a few months ago, that I wasn’t going inside it. A sneeze could take this building down.


I was crushed to see this beautiful house so badly neglected. It has an incredible piece of American history tied to it, and I can’t believe we’ve thrown it away like this. I wasn’t going to leave empty-handed, so I circled the property to get some less-than-stellar exterior and through-the-window shots.

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My best friend and I decided we were then going to stop at a place we’ve visited a few times, since we were right in the area. It’s full of very old, very badly decaying houses that are literally disintegrating into the earth. Every year, we watch them fall a little further.


My best friend feels a very strong attachment and sense of peace here, like she doesn’t want to leave. I take that as proof that finding pieces of yourself in these old places in not an experience limited to “explorers.”


I have shot the next few homes before. They’re so much farther gone than they were on my first visit a few years ago. You used to be able to walk around inside. Can’t do that anymore.


There is still something peaceful and beautiful about watching these houses decay. I think maybe seeing nature do it in her own time, instead of vandals, is something to appreciate.


  1. Manda, maybe someday I can accompany you on such adventures. Wish distance wasn’t such a huge factor in our “separation.” Much love, thanks for sharing these lovely, peaceful photos.

  2. Fantastic explore, wish I was there!

  3. Incredible places and great images. Such a shame when they are left to disintegrate. But as you say better nature than vandals. :>)

  4. Great visit and prudent non-entering action on your part – although i will say that I would have not pegged these as window shots unless I read your descriptions. Yeah, you got the feeling of these places correct. Great shots!

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