His Hall the Azure Dome


In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful buildings I’ve shot. The exterior of this place is so incredibly stunning that you can’t help feel your heart break for the wasted potential as it sits and rots past the point of salvation.

I consider this one of my “close to home” spots, even though we’re still a good distance apart. I’m typically bad about shooting those, because I get that jaded thing where I feel like there’s always something better somewhere far away. Not true with this place. I love it here.

img_8466 img_8461img_8551 img_8480 img_8417panorama_printimg_8306img_8314

Somewhere on my phone I have a video of the view walking into this atrium for the first time, and looking up. Pictures will never do it justice, but I tried. I won’t mention the amazing history, because it’ll give away the building, but the dome is the epitome of irony. It was moved here from another building to be preserved. Preservation efforts are really coming along, aren’t they?

img_8316 img_8363 img_8236img_8349

Eventually the rot will continue up the wall, disintegrate the ceiling, and the dome will probably collapse.

img_8328 img_8334 img_8331 img_8329 img_8336 img_8337 img_8341 img_8342img_8381

I’m annoyed at how much graffiti removal I have to do for this place. If you can look at a place like this and feel any urge to desecrate it, there’s something very wrong with you.

img_8319 img_8326 img_8324 img_8322img_8365 img_8378 img_8376img_8373 img_8370 img_8367 img_8366img_8391img_8397img_8395img_8393img_8382img_8386img_8211img_8210img_8206img_8204img_8202img_8402

I love, love, love these wing connectors. The sun bounces off the red brick exterior, and creates these beautiful color casts.

img_8425 img_8422 img_8420 img_8419img_8413 img_8412 img_8408img_8431img_8448img_8442img_8433img_8469 img_8479 img_8477 img_8475

There isn’t much left inside, the building was pretty well gutted. No beds, little to no furniture, no medical equipment beyond a couple odds and ends and a few hydrotherapy tubs. It’s mainly empty rooms.

img_8474 img_8482img_8486 img_8536img_8532 img_8531 img_8529

The light up here was weird, and I actually found the whole floor a little creepy. It was not helped by a door that kept slamming in the breeze.

img_8522 img_8516 img_8519img_8517

A baby tree growing out of the third story balcony.

img_8512 img_8505 img_8500 img_8497 img_8495 img_8493 img_8492 img_8490 img_8489img_8555img_8553


  1. Very nice tour…you always seem to say what I am feeling about these places. Someone should try to save the dome…

  2. Sue

    Super-stunning images, Amanda….the dome, the views down the halls and the stairs are just great

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